August 18, 2017

Profile’s Tech Tip #32: What is in my rear Elite MTB Hub?

We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries for diagrams of our Rear Elite MTB hubs. Although we recommend taking your hub to your local bike shop (they will have correct hub bearing presses), if you don’t have easy access, above is the exploded internals of our hub.

Pictured above is a Profile Elite MTB 11-Speed 135 x 10mm hub. Although there will be slight differences in the axle cones and bolts (depending on your configuration), this should give you a basis for the order the parts are in, inside the hub.

  • A. 3/8 Bolt
  • B. Drive Side Cone
  • C. Non-Drive Cone
  • D. Driver
  • E. Driver Shim
  • F. Hub Body Bearings (6903)
  • G. Axle
  • H. Hub Shell (Not sold separately)

For a complete replacement parts listing, feel free to browse the internal hub components here. Listed under each link, is a detailed product description.

Elite Cog Driver

Elite Cog Driver

Elite 9t driver copy

Elite 9t Driver

IMG_4262 copy

Straight XX1 or Shimano compatible 11-speed

IMG_4261 copy

Stepped XX1 or Shimano compatible 11-speed

Above are the 4 most common Profile Elite MTB drivers. From top to bottom:

  • 1 -speed cog carrier
  • 9 or 10t driver
  • Straight XX1 or Shimano compatible 11-speed
  • Stepped XX1 or Shimano compatible 11-speed

In each photo, we note how many bearings comprise the inside of the driver, and with arrows, show the order of each bearing/spacer. PLEASE NOTE: On all Profile Drivers, the top bearing(s) get pressed in from the top and bottom bearing(s) get pressed in from the bottom. Each respective driver spacer floats in the center of the driver.

For a complete list of driver bearings with detailed descriptions, here is the link of what you might need in the event of replacement.


Again, we recommend taking all of our components to your local bike shop for repairs. In the event you do not have access, here’s a link to a driver bearing puller that we’d recommend using.

Thanks for the support, and if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact [email protected]

August 18, 2017


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