April 22, 2020

Tech Tip #48: Profile ZCoaster/Madera Gulf Coaster FAQ’s

We’ve been getting quite a few general inquiries on the Profile Zcoaster and Madera Gulf Coaster.

Because both hubs are so similar, we’ve made a Q and A list below, applying to both that will hopefully clarify any questions you may have on either hub.

For anything more detailed or not covered here, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Q: My Zcoaster/Gulf Coaster is not engaging, what can I do to fix this?

A: This is the most common FAQ, and it’s a simple fix. The Profile ZCoaster works properly only when the Jam nuts are fully tightened. When taking your wheel off, say, to replace a flat tire, the jam nuts may become slightly loose; and that’s all it takes. Make sure they’re tightened back, and you’ll be on your way back into the session.

Q: Do I put grease in my driver, like I would in a traditional Freecoaster?

A: Considering the ZCoaster is a cassette hub that disengages into a freecoaster, like all cassettes, it works BEST DRY. You can, however, put a little bit of clear lube on the spring and pawl pockets, but NO GREASE. Grease will jam up the hub’s engagement and potentially destroy the hub.

*Light oil is also recommended in the driver (we do apply some when building the hub) to initially break in the hub once new or when a new driver is installed.

Q: What is the extra tube spacer that came with the Zcoaster/Gulf Coaster when I bought it?

A: Does that tube have laser etching identifying it as a “cassette spacer?” If so, this piece can be switched out internally with the “ZCoaster Flat Spring Spacer” to turn your Zcoaster fully into a cassette.

Q: When first getting my ZCoaster/Gulf Coaster hub or my ZCoaster/Gulf Coaster wheel, as I hold it in my hand and spin the hub, it seems to not engage.

A: In order for the ZCoaster to work/Engage properly, the hub/wheel needs to be tightened into your frame’s drop outs. Once tightened, you should be good to go!

Q: What should I do about this grease that is on the hub shell support bearing near the driver?

A: When Initially built, the hub is compressed, which puts pressure on the bearings. After a short while, that compression will cause grease to weep from the support bearing which is completely normal. Go ahead and wipe the grease away and you’re good to go!

April 22, 2020


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