August 20, 2020

Profile Chain Alignment Specifications

We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries regarding chain Alignment for Profile Hubs.
Here’s some general specs that may help you optimize that.
Just keep in mind these are estimated measurements because Profile cogs have the capability of being flipped causing the chain line to increase or decrease by 3mm. In addition, the Elite MTB Single Speed driver uses multiple spacing rings.
All Profile cog thickness are 6.12mm
The Mini, AC-2, Elite and Classic single speed Hubs all have a estimated chain line of 45mm to 48mm.
The standard Mini and Elite cassette driver spacer is 4.6mm
The Elite MTB single speed hubs have a estimated chain line from 50mm to 58mm depending on where the cog is spaced on the driver with the spacers.
The Elite MTB driver has 3 cog spacers 2- at 2.30mm and 1- at 4.60mm

August 20, 2020


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