June 9, 2017

Tech Tip #22: A clean hub is a happy hub

Our second tech tip (of three total) on the Profile ZCoaster will also extend into maintenance of the Profile Mini, Totem, and Elite rear hubs as well as the Madera V-2 rear.

As the title of this feature states: A clean hub is a happy hub.

With any cassette hub (very much including the ZCoaster as it is a hybrid cassette), the application of any type of grease will destroy the internals of the hub.

How so?
Grease will prevent the pawls from springing back and forth, and in the worse case, it will keep the pawls engaged when coasting, putting a ton of force on the pawl and pawl pocket (potentially breaking the pawl).

In that case, over time, you want to keep any Profile Cassettes as clean as possible.

You can take the driver off, and with a dry rag, clean the face of the hub body bearing, clean the back side of the driver (driver bearing) as well as the springs/pawls and their pawl pockets.
What we also recommend is dabbing clear lube on the pawl pocket. Any excess clear lube will weep into the driver interface when pedaling and provide lube to those bits as well.
We recommend using any light “free-hub” oils such as Dumontech or Phil Wood.

When putting your driver back on, specifically with a 14mm axle and jam nuts, make sure your jam nuts are tight. If they are at all loose, it will prevent your driver from engaging properly (especially with re-assembling the Zcoaster).

Thanks for the support!

June 9, 2017


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