February 24, 2017

Profile Tech Tip #8: Stem Installation

In the era of 9 and 10 inch tall bars and the leverage they create against your stem, proper stem cap on bar installation has never been more imperative.

The three most important tips:
1. Make sure your bolts are greased (to create optimum and even thread bite, and to prevent creaking).
2. Tighten bolts in a “crossed” fashion to allow for even pressure (detailed in video below).
3. Do not over tighten your cap. If the cap folds over the bar, you are at a much higher risk of stem slippage and potential cap cracking.
Here’s Madera’s Mike Hinkens. He will walk you through the installation of a Madera Mast stem.
His standard technique applies to any bmx stem on bar.
We hope this helps!

February 24, 2017


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