February 3, 2017

Profile’s Tech Tip #5: Front Hubs–Which one works best for freestyle, with which axle and what bolts?

In 2001, Profile introduced our Mini Front Hub to the race scene. A simple design using cone compression and a minimal amount of internal parts (Shell, Bearings, Axle/Cones, and Bolts).
Through a year’s worth of testing (a lot of toothpicks on Jersey Barriers), it was re-released as a universal hub capable of taking abuse on the freestyle end as well.

That was 16 years ago. Today, it remains a staple.

By request back in 2007, customers asked for us to make a more streamlined, simpler designed front hub.
So, in 2008, the Profile Elite Front Hub was released utilizing the same internals. It features a “smooth” finish with accompanying anodized cones.

The choice between these two hubs is completely one of aesthetics.


But as far as internals go, that’s where the variations multiply.

Inner Axle Options:
-14mm Chromo GDH: recommended for heavy street and for those who have a tendency to break front axles and bolts.
-Steel Inner 3/8: A steel version of our classic Aluminum inner axle. Recommended for street if you have a tendency to bend inner axles and bolts.
-Aluminum Inner 3/8: Our classic, default, option recommended for park, trails, and light street.


3/8 Bolt Options: Left completely up to aesthetics as each bolt is as durable as the other…this is what we offer.

-Volcano Bolt (Standard, default bolt with an aluminum volcano cone).
Comes in a titanium version as well for non-peg, ramp usage.
-Button Head Bolt (A mushroom shaped, low profile bolt ridden mostly without pegs and on the non-peg side).
Comes in a titanium version as well.
-17mm Hex Bolt (Recommended for those riding a 14mm rear axle so your socket fits both front and rear hubs).


To help with your decision, we asked our riders what they prefer:
“Steel axle is a must for me. I’ve had the mini and elite and between the two can’t tell a difference besides aesthetics. Also Steel 17mm hex bolts.”

-Rob DiQuattro
“I run the elite front hub with the steel button bolts. I like the look of the elite hub without all the inlay design like the mini hub has. And I like the chromo button bolts and aluminum inner axle for the simple clean look and weight savings.”

-Ricky Moseley
“Elite. Alloy inner. Ti button bolts all the way.
Really like the weight of all these combined and super confident with running button bolts inside my pegs. Been doing this for years with no complaints and no problems what so ever. The only problem is that when people lift my bike they are very confused on why its so light. And that is not really a problem for me…”

You confident with ti bolts with pegs?

-Chad Degroot

February 3, 2017


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