February 10, 2017

Profile’s Tech Tip #6: On Guard!

Which Profile or Madera hub guard will work for you?

We here at Profile/Madera make quite a few hub guards. Basically, we’ve tried to create an option that works for everyone riding our hubs.
Some riders would rather have plastic (to avoid the potential snagging that can occur when using aluminum guards), yet, some riders still swear by aluminum for it’s longevity (and for the fact that some riders have, by default, learned to grind all while staying clear of making contact with the guard).
Here’s a list (and photo) of the guards we make and an explanation as to which guards work with which hubs.
A. Profile Rear Aegis Non-Drive Guard (Aluminum)
Works on 3/8 and 14mm Profile Mini, Totem, and Elite Hubs as well as Madera V-2 hubs.

Substitutes the non-drive cone on rear 3/8 hubs and the cone and jam nut on rear 14mm hubs.

B. Profile Rear Aegis Drive Side Guard (Aluminum)
Works only on 14mm Profile Mini, Totem, ZCoaster and Elite Hubs as well as Madera V-2 hubs.
Fits/wedges over the drive side jam nut.
On the Zcoaster, the drive side guard will protect the flange and only a tiny bit of the exposed spokes.

RHD and LHD versions available.

C. Profile Front Aegis Guard (Aluminum)
Works on 3/8 Profile Mini, Totem, and Elite Hubs as well as Madera Pilot hubs.
Substitutes the cone.

Will also work on 3/8 REAR Profile Mini, Totem, and Elite hubs as well as Madera 3/8 V-2 Hubs.

D. Profile Rear ZCoaster Non-Drive Guard (Aluminum)
Works on 3/8 and 14mm Profile ZCoaster hubs.

Fits/wedges over the non-drive side jam nut.

E. Madera Rear C-4 Non-Drive Guard (Plastic)
Works on 14mm Rear Madera V-2 hubs as well as Profile Mini, Totem, and Elite Hubs.
Fits/wedges over the non-drive side jam nut.

F. Madera Front C-4 Guard (Plastic)
Works on 3/8 Madera Front Pilot hubs as well as Front Profile Mini, Totem, and Elite Hubs.

Fits/wedges over the aluminum cone (cone version must have machined, knurled steel washer).

Here, too, is a little insight from our riders on what they prefer:

“I ride two madera c4 plastic hub guards in the front, they are strong enough to take abuse and you don’t have to worry about sticking in grinds.”
-Shane Leeper

Which Front Guard: Plastic, Madera C-4.
Why: I hate aluminum guards.  I find that they are slow and nearly impossible to remove after bashing for years.  Although the plastic is less durable, I personally feel the benefits outweigh the short comings.
Which Rear Guard(s): Profile drive side.

Why: The profile drive side is beautiful.  Rear hub guards find themselves on an EXTREMELY short list of things I actually care about when it comes to bmx bikes.  The fact it replaces the lock nut is wonderful (old style).  I refuse to spread frames anymore, only to jam a hub in that will move the first time you grind, or worse, bend your rear triangle.  Also the dropout slot is brilliant.  You never have to worry about your guard rotating into your chain and sending you over the bars.

-Rob DiQuattro

“I use the Madera plastic C-4 hub guards front and rear. I like them because they work great with plastic pegs. They slide a lot better and longer, and even when you have used them a lot they still look new because with a metal one, it just shows the the ground down, scratched surface. They are also so easy to fit, just push on and done. Perfect!”
-Jay Hobson

“Front guard- Madera plastic C-4 because I want a consistent level of smoothness when I grind and since I run a plastic peg it feels the best

Rear Guards- Madera plastic C-4 Rear and Profile Drive side. I want to slide consistently as much as possible so I want my grind side to be smooth as possible. For my DSG I run a profile steel sample drive side guard to protect my hub and chain as much as possible.”
-Grant Castelluzzo

“Front Guard- I run the Madera C4. I’ve been on it for over a year. The plastic doesn’t snag on rough surfaces and it’s light weight.
Rear Guard- I run the Profile Aegis. It can take years of abuse. It’s thick and I like that it replaces the hub hardware. I can remember the first time icing a rail with one, this guard made it incredibly easy to lock-in.”
-Paul Radosevich

February 10, 2017


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