February 17, 2017

Profile’s Tech Tip #7: How many teeth do you need?

How many teeth do you need?

On a sprocket that is.
In 2003, Profile engineered a cassette driver that allowed you to drop from our lowest cog (12 tooth) down to a one-piece, 9 tooth.
In doing so, the standard 36-13, sprocket/cog gear ratio dropped quickly to a 25/9.
And for the past 13 years, that gear ratio has been holding strong as the bmx standard.
But, considering some riders like the ease of pedaling faster, some like sprocket tricks (where a bigger sprocket would be more conducive: enter a shift to the 28/9 gear ratio), where some much rather consider the varying aesthetics available (style, is always an issue), it’s sometimes difficult to decide what works best.
With that in mind, we asked our riders for a little feedback.
Maybe they can help you decide what gear ratio works best for you:

“I rode a 28t for basically my entire life.  I went 44 to 36 to 28 in like 2005 (RNC sprocket if you remember those, haha).  Switched to 25 about a year ago when the guard sprockets came out just to keep it out of the way. It’s been nice on the knees, but honestly I get used to whatever after 5 minutes of pedaling.”
-Rob DiQuattro

“22mm Galaxy sprocket. 30t. I love to just haul ass.”
-Gervais Rousseau

“I run the profile 19mm spline drive sprocket in 33t. I run 33t because when I pedal two rotations, it equals 4 with smaller sprockets. I’m not a fan of how fast around the cranks move with smaller sprockets: I feel like I’m more in control and when I pedal it looks smoother.”
-Billy Woodfin

“I run the spline drive sprocket in 25T, best ratio to go with the rear 9T driver and you get instant engagement. And looks the best.”
-Jay Hobson

“I aways use the spline drive Galaxy sprocket in 25t. It’s the most comfortable to pedal and proves fastest. The spline style is incredible how it fits without needing a spider bolt. It’s perfect for dirt and bowl riding.”
-Leandro Moriera

“I have run a 25t sprocket for just about as long as I can remember along with a 9t driver. I like a regular gearing and I want my sprocket as small as I can have it so it’s out of the way on switch crook grinds. I don’t do the trick very often but when I do I don’t want my chain or sprocket being caught on the rail. Another benefit is that having a smaller dive train is quite a bit lighter!”
-Grant Castelluzzo

“I run 25/9. 25 tooth sprocket and a 9 tooth Ti driver. Ever since I started changing parts on my first complete bike, I’ve pretty much went to this gear size and I’ve never changed, still on it. I think my main reason was that it/was the “normal” gear ratio. Also small/weight played a bigger role on my decisions back then. Nowadays I really like to have a spline drive sprocket as well.”
-Jared Eberwein

“I have always run a 25t, but I actually just switched to a 28t…  I am excited to try it out, the reason I always ran a 25t is because its nice when you have more acceleration on short run-ups.”
-Jeff Klugiewicz

February 17, 2017


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